Author Eva Warren’s first fictional novel, A Dream in a Teacup, invites you to step inside the lives of the ordinary folk of Westlake, a working class suburb of Canberra in the late 1940s. Here you meet Brigid, a Catholic woman with a secret past who marries Dougal, a widower with four children, and who also leads a double life.

See how they, and their friends and kin, live, love, relate and come to terms with the harsh and beautiful realities of life. Travel with them to places in the region such as Crookwell, Batlow, Goulburn and Sydney.

Discover how the teachings of a Swiss doctor and a German saint transform the Catholic faith and the lives of these ordinary people, by connecting them with ancient traditions and helping them find their way in life.

This is a story of universal appeal with messages of human suffering, strength and growth in communities of bygone times, but with messages for today. It’s a book you will want to talk about and share with others.