Well, this is exciting…. My first blog dispatch, ever! And, it’s on my very own website.

So…any guesses as to what this first press release might look like?

Yep, you’ve got it in one… it’s about my book launch, of course.

My novel, A Dream in a Teacup will be launched at the Ivy and Fox Café, 73 Lennox Crossing Road, Acton at 5:30pm on Wednesday 17 October 2018. Do come along and partake in some excellent fellowship and sip or two of wine.

And I’ll bet you, a penny to a pound, if you do, you’re sure to run into at least half a dozen people you haven’t seen in ages and have simply been dying to catch up with and have a great chin wag.

You’re bound to make some new friends too. Like-minded people who enjoy an excellent yarn, like ‘A Dream in a Teacup’ – if I might be so bold.

Hope to see you there