A fantastic launch for my dream in a teacup

Just before I woke this morning, I was dreaming about this blog and how I should set about it.

The book launch last Wednesday evening was absolutely fantastic! It went off with a real bang…. Just like Westlake bonfire nights.

So many people came out of the woodwork. People who hadn’t seen each other in years. There was a deafening buzz in the room, as old and new friends caught up.

People from the old Westlake days were there, including the Gregory girls. Maree Carn, members of the O’Rourke family and Hildegard Ziganuik was there to represent the new Australian families who came to call Westlake home. Dearest Dotty Day, wife of the late Alby Day, was there. Alby grew up on the banks of the Molonglo River at Briar farm, which was situated pretty much where the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club is now.

Other blasts from the past were people like Carole Swan, or Swannie, as she was always known. I nursed with Carole and my friend Gillian Smith-Roberts at both Kenmore in Goulburn and Kingseat in New Zealand. Because Gill is still recovering from surgery on her feet she wasn’t able to travel from Victoria where she now lives with her delightful husband Garry Clark… but it was they who sent the enormous bunch of Australian native flowers that I am holding in one of the photos.

Kathy Hagan, or Kathleen Burse as she was known at St Christopher’s school, was also there. In my novel the protagonist, Dougal Alexander Macgregor, works for the plumbing contractors Makin and Burse. In my novel they installed the plumbing for the Narrabundah prefabs. And interestingly, yesterday on ‘Ye Olde Canberra Mob’ group on Facebook, a lady named Robyn Smith told me she is closely related to the same Makin family.

On that note, I’d just like to say a big thank you again, to the eighty plus people who came along to Old Canberra House at Acton last Wednesday and helped me launch ‘A Dream in a Teacup’ with such style.

As I said earlier, when I woke this morning, I was in the midst of this dream. It was an instructional dream, telling me how and what to blog about and that’s what all of the above is about.

I’m telling you, up until this morning, I didn’t have the oomph to write a single word. As fantastic as the book launch was, the lead up to it and all, left me totally depleted of energy.  For days, all I’ve done is veg.

Then…this morning’s dream came to the rescue and now I’m back…. You see, dreams have a way of self-regulating the psychic system and re-establishing emotional equilibrium. So… watch out for the next blog…

Eva K is back.

You can see more photos from the launch in the Gallery.