Thanks for the feedback

I thought it was about time I began making comment on some of the wonderful feedback I’ve been receiving from my readers… like the three mentions below:

Eve, I have to let you know I just finished reading your book here in Darwin.

I loved every bit of it & couldn’t put it down. The characters are great & I really loved your insight into the real life events of the times. The spiritual wisdom and how it merges and challenges the catholic faith was fascinating and inspiring.

I have been on my own journey of questioning the faith after many years of imbedded beliefs and in the past 15 or so years feeling free to have a different perspective spiritually.

This book really resonated for me & the pages will be well worn by the time the girls have a read.

I need to purchase another on my return to give to my mother.

Congratulations again. Love Chris Powley.

Thank you Chris. You are not the first one to reference Spirituality verses Catholism and to admit to being like me, a Seeker’.

Yesterday, I read something written by Sister Joan Chittister, a Benediction nun and I’d like to share it with you.

‘But what are “the things of the soul”? Surely they are every breath we breathe, every word we hear, every thought we think.  The things of the soul have too long compartmentalised. And so we get religion but not spirituality.  We get church but not God.  We get the sacred but not the sacredness of the secular. Or better yet, the revelation that there is nothing “secular” at all.’

Ann Gugler: Congratulations! Story brings back many memories!  Now when will the next book be ready…Great to see the photographs taken at the launch. Big Hug!

You and quite a number of other old Westlake people have thanked me for resurrecting memories they thought they had long since forgotten. But as Carl Jung might have said:

‘Nothing is ever forgotten. And a good story, is akin to a dream when used as an excavation tools into our memory bank.’  All we need to do, is dig down  a bit.

Hildegard:  Eva, a story well told! I was back in Westlake, a fly on the wall, following the lives of all the characters. Well done! Now I just have to catch up on all the work I put aside while reading the book. Best wishes. Hildegard.

Thank you Hildegard. And aren’t you blessed to have been given such a magnificent name. Did you know that Hildegard von Bingen was probably the first medieval woman to reflect and write about women?

Hildegard was our first ‘feminist.’ A woman ahead of her time. And as I mentioned in my novel, Hildegard was way ahead of Carl Jung. Some people think Jung was the first to awaken us to symbolic consciousness and symbolism. But Hildegard was on to it in the 11th century.  And she was probably the first ‘Greenie’ as well. So deeply ecological was her spirituality.

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